Friday, February 23, 2007

Beans reely are weerd...

Kattonic: did you call the windbag yet?
DaddiMac: no, have you felt a breeze?
Kattonic: your adopted son is trying to eat my mustard onion pretzels!
DaddiMac: he needs to be flogged
Kattonic: flogged? who flogs any more
DaddiMac: we do
Kattonic: sorry, I'm not flogging our cats. I may beat them, but no flogging
DaddiMac: ok beat him silly
Kattonic: to late, he's already silly
DaddiMac: ok,beat him sensable then
Kattonic: call the windbag - I'm going to take a nap. Oh, and order me some dinner I'm to lazy to cook
DaddiMac: okley dokely

This is an IM conversashun dat my beans had tonite! Dey were one room away frum eech uver and dey tiped insted of tokkin. And dey were tokkin 'bout beeting me fur trying to steel pretzels! (note from the mom-we don't beat our kitties, beating kitties would be high on my list of reasons people should not have pets!) O.K., so dey had onion and we kitties arent suppose to haf onions, so why dint she just haf da cheddar cheez ones insted, den she cood share wif a nice boy kitty. On da plus side, mom camed home eerlier dan she haz all week! And she tolded dad dat he hasta mash up da stinky goodness fur us and he sed dat he wood.~Speedy, adopted son of da Mac Man (told yoo beans wuz weerd)

Yay, mom's home! I heard her talking to dad about our stinky goodness. Dad apparently thot it was good the way he wuz doing it because he thot dat when we catch mouses we bit and chewed dem. Den mom ixsplaned dat we akshooaly use our sandpaper tungs to strip da meat frum dem. It sounds gross to dad but dat is what we do. So dad gets it now. He also didn't unnerstand dat, altho I love fur mom to drag me around da kitchen by my tail, he cannot just grab my tail and swing me around da kitchen! You hafta be gentle and slow! So I think he gets how to do dat now too, dat's good cuz mom is working a lot of hours until the end of March or early April and he reely needs to know how to do things rite~Sadie

Yawn-what, oh. Yeah it's nice mom's home but I'm really a daddy's girl so...
Here are some pikshers for your amuzment. I need to go nap with mom now. Yes, I said I was a daddy's girl but a warm human is a warm human.~Zippy

Yes, Zippy drinks from the sink faucit.


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Your beans sound very amusing! I know what you mean about the right tail tugging- it can feel soooo good if its done right. Sorry your mom isn't around much, I'm sure she misses you lots!


Kimo & Sabi said...

Ooooo - I loves tail tugs!

Karen Jo said...

I didn't think that kitties liked onions, even on pretzels. I'm glad that your Mom came home early and that your Dad is learning the best ways to take care of kitties. Zippy, you look cute with water drops on your whiskers.

The Meezers said...

why can't your mom and dad talk to each ofurr? that's just silly.

Anita said...

Zippy, my bean says that you´re a beautiful and precious kitty.

Victor Tabbycat said...

I bet they was sendin the messages so you couldn't hear them. Beans should only eat fings that are good to share wif puddins. That's a new rule.

Mom an Dad joke bout doin extreme fings, too. Yously it's bout the boy. He's ALWAYS hungry an if he falls to the floor from hunger, Mom says "If you starve to death, we'll throw a nice funeral." He gets food lots more times each day than we do. MOOOOOOOooom!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

the Lady an the teenager IM each other from different computers in different rooms too. last night the Lady was in the kitchen and the Allergic Girl was in her bedroom, so the Lady called her on her cell phone to tell her dinner was ready. they're all nuts.