Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Blizzard?

We gots 8" of snow last night and we're suppose to get up to 22" between tonight and tomoro afternoon! Mom din't go to work this morning cuz she don't wanna get stuck at work! ::wispers::Dad told her not to go or she would haf gone:: So we haf been playing wif mom and dey are going to go out in a little wile and snow blow! Oh and dad's comfy chair broke last nite! Dad ended up on the floor and mom was trying to help him up but she was laffing so hard she coodent. Her laffin made him laff too so he coodent get himself up. We kitties just stood and watched da beans being weerd yet again. Mom iz gonna take pikshers of da snowing wif her new kamera and if she can find da owners manual fur it she might effun make a moovee! ~Speedy

Pee Ess: Da gerls are sleeping wif each other rite now in da big bed! Dey neffur do dat!


Dragonheart said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow! I hope you all stay safe and warm.

That's funny that your dad's chair broke!

Karen Jo said...

Wow! You are going to get a lot of snow. I'm glad your Mom decided to stay home. I'm sorry your Dad's chair broke, but I'm glad your Mom and Dad had a good laugh over it.

Dazey, Jesse & Conner Cloud said...

OOOO, you gots lots of the white stuff! We have ice so far and none of the cold white stuff (yet).
Stay warm! And stay inside!!


Big Piney Woods Cats said...

I hope they have a monster to blow the snow. BLowing it with their mouths would take a long time, probably until it melts.


Mia and Ghost said...

Weather has been very nice down here. If any of our snow bound friends want to teleport down, they are very welcome. Just watch out for the wind but it was sunny and in the 60s today here.

Derby said...

Waiting for the snow to start tonight. Mum thinks we had about 6 inches so far.

Anita said...

Snow, cold ... but it´s agreeable to be warm in house, muhahaha!

Forty Paws said...

Ack! Dat's a ton of snow!!! Wowwee!

We had a dust storm here tuday. It made efurryting brown.

Ok, we ist crackin up ofer the chair breakin! Datz funny. Did his butt bone git hurted?

Luf, Us

jeterharris said...

i hadta go back an see ware u an derby are frum ... wisconsin ... how far iz dat frum da grate state uv noo york?
dere iz sum kinduv precipitashun comin in noo york tomorrow nite. mi mom hopez dat dere'z no skool on monday becuz she diden't finish all da work she hadta do over da vakashun.
think snow ... think snow!

Eric and Flynn said...

Dat wuz furry funny bowt yer dad's chair.
We don't get snow heer furry often, an if we do, it only just cuvvers the grownd, and is gone again in a fyoo howers. I don't fink we wud like dat much snow cuz it wud cuvver owr heds if we went owtdoors, an we wud git lost.

Cheysuli said...

That's a lot of snow all at once. Stay warm and dry!