Saturday, August 25, 2007

Our Middle Names

Our frend Dragonheart tagged us fur da middle name meme awhile back, den he went to prizon da cat hotel. So, we wated until he got back and hadded some time fur welcoming his beans home (ya all know how it is) and now, we'z reddy to rumble, er, do da meme.
My middle name must be bump, cuz mom and dad bof say "speed bump" alla time. So...
B-Busy wif da Babies! I love baby kittens and wish we cood haf dem here alla time. Reely, dey is so cute! Busy helping mom, wif lawndry and cooking and cleaning and mostly wif loving her.
U-Unbaleevably happy! I'm always happy, effun when Zippy is whapping me or Sadie is pushing me off da perch or it's raining and I'm bord...I'm just soooooo happy!
M-Manly, yup, I'm a big (14 pounds) mancat. Now, being a big mancat means I know I could beat da snot out of my sisfurs. I don't do that, cuz, I'm soooooo happy. I just lay down and let dem get it out of der system, den dey love on me. Cuz I'm a big happy mancat. Yup.
P-Profeshunal Manny...I am da best male nanny EVER! I'z also a Profeshunal Mediator, I am loved by bof my sisfurs effun tho dey can't stand each other they will behave if I'm in da middle. Mom sez I was da best thing to ever happen to der "relashonship" cuz I keep dem from fighting alla time. Gerls...watcha gonna do....thanks fur letting me go furst Zippy, yoo wanna do yoors next?
Thanks Speedy, my brofur Speedy ladies and gentlecats...Wait, I don't haf a middle name! I think this must be an oversight by my beans. Hmm, does dat mean I can pick my own? What mom? Oh, mom sez to say what dad calls me...Zippity Doodah, crap, dats stoopid. Oh well, we play da hand we'z delt no matter how bad it is. Thanks fur da stoopid middle name dad...
D is for Darling, that's what I am...shut up you're stoopid...grrr
O is for Opionated, I know what I like and it's not you Sadie....
O is also for Older, I'm older and wiser den my brofur and sisfur so I hafta teach them stuff. Speedy learned furry well, I'm still trying to teach Sadie but I guess she's dense. No I don't mean you're fat except in da head.
D is for Daring, I will sit out on da porch in the middle of a thunder storm, I'll make frends wif woofies and I like to talk to the skwerrels.
A is for Agile! I'm 10 years old and I do backflips, stair running and ladder acrobatics. I effun still successfully hunt!
H is for Healthy. Despite my bad start in life, what with being abandoned so young, starving and having my front paws injured I'm surprizingly healthy. I hope I'm not jinxing it...That's mine. I'm sorry I got so hissy wif yoo Sadie. You can't help not being Punkin and it's not your fawlt she went away and then you came.
Thanks Zippy, I'm sorry your friend went away too. I think I would have liked her. Anyway, my middle name is baby. Sadie baby, dat's me!
B is for bright eyed, both physically (dats a big word) and metaphorically (ders another).
A is for adorable, mom calls me adorable all the time. She thinks everything I do is cute.
B is for bonny, this word is not used much anymore but it means attractive, fair, fine and excellent!
Y is for yammer. Once I get someone to talk to me I just don't shut up. I love telling mom and dad all about my day. Even if all I did was play tent wars and nap, they just need to know all about it.
Thanks for tagging us Dragonheart, hope your haffing a grate time back home and getting lots of love from the beans.


Marlene said...

Wow, now I know you with the middle name meme!:) You are 3 very talketive kitties, we like that.

Purrs and greetz from Holland

Daisy said...

Oh, you three have great middle names. Speedy, you make a good Manny. Zippy, I think one of the Ds in your middle name should be for Driver! Hahahahaha! Sadie, you are a very bonny lass.

Samantha & Tigger said...

Great Meme and such cute middle names! Speed is a professional Many, Zippy is a opinionated and Sadie , a
is adorable. We agree!
Your FL furiends,

Hot(M)BC said...

Great middle names yall!

Gemini said...

You have some lovely middle names to work with!

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Those are terrific middle names and lots of good adjectives to match. I can't believe how daring you are, Zippy! Actually watching thunderstorms! I love to be outside and do manly outdoor stuff, but I do admit that I'm very afraid of thunder. We just had a long drawn out thunderstorm here and I retreated so a nice dark quiet place in the house.


Boy said...

Gweat middle names! And they do suit you!

One-Eyed Jack said...

Those are very good meanings of your middle names!


Yup I'm ferocious! But sometimes I just nap!


Dragonheart said...

Those are excellent words to describe all three of you. :) I was laughing as you did your middle name, Zippy. Speedy, you are a great Nanny with the kittens. Sadie, you are adorable.

Forty Paws said...

Doze is abslutely wundermus middle names! We finks u is very creative! We is glad u is a happy cat Speed Bump! We is glad dat Zippy kin still do backflips! Datz amazing! And weze glad Sadie Baby is Bonny. We knows wat dat meens cuz of owr Paw.

Luf, Us

Bogdan, the editor said...

you guys go to cat hotels, too??

Angus said...

You three have terrific middle names, and this meme is very descriptive of you! I liked reading about you very much.

The Crew said...

Hey Zippy, what a small world. Sometimes my Mom calls me Tippity Doo-dah, so we're almost the same!