Saturday, June 2, 2007

More confeshuns

Misty came and kept me company for a little bit yesterday, it was so sweet of her. She's da bestest gerlfrend a guy cood effur haf. I didn't really feel sick at all just da skwirts and those have stopped. TED skwirted some med-i-sin wif likwid parafin in it into my mouf yesterday and sed it wood stop whatever was ag-ra-vatin my tummy and help me pass it. Last nite I had a skwishy poop and what mom sed looked like part of a june bug in it. This morning I did this for a little while... Then I got up and chased Sadie around cuz she was doing this...That's rite miss Sadie smarty pants, I got foto grafik proof dat yoo egg me on by staring at me like a hawk. Yoo were sooo intent yoo din't effun look at mom wif da flashy boks. So don't go crying to daddy when I chase yoor hiney down da hall and stuff.

We also got tagged a while back fur da troo confeshons meme, it wuz so long ago dat we furgot who tagged us! So, fur whoeffer did it this is fur yoo....take it away Miss Sadie hasta stare!

Thank you Mr. Speedy no nuts (hehehe)...

As yoo can see, I like to stare at Speedy until he gets crazy and chases me, den I stop and throw myself down and screem fur daddy. It's furry funny...

I hide Speedy's spongeball effury chance I get. Dats furry funny too.

I will walk rite out da door like I'z appose ta do it. No gilt, no sneeking, nuffing. I just stroll out like it is my rite to do so. Dis makes mom and dad furry upset. I haffent done it fur a while but I think I'll do it again soon. Just fur laffs.

I steal food offa daddy's plate when he's not looking, mom sees but she's cool and duzzent tell him. It's our secret.

I like tease Zippy into hissing at me, mom neffur sees me do this and tells Zippy to knock it off. That's fun too.
I just reelized, I'm not nawty, I just like to haf fun!

Well, isn't that a revelashun....not. I'm not nawty by nature like some kitties, I am a bit clumsy and, um, okay the word is doofy. So here's my confeshuns.

I sometimes miss da inside of da litter boks, effun da reely big one downstairs and end up going a little on da edges. I'm also da one dat keeps leeving da brown on da top of da motor fur da scraper part of da auto-matik litter. Sorry mom.

I'm the one dat keeps going into da linen closet and knocking down da towels dat mom uses to cover da kitchen chairs. She's been blaming Zippy but it's reely me. Sorry mom.

I love, and I meen LOVE, da baby kitties. Oh, I gess dats not a sekrit. Oh, here's sumfing dat maybe yoo din't know. I make a furry good nanny, or manny if yoo will. I am so good wif da babies dat da mom cats will leeve me alone wif dem while dey go eat and do da litter boks. Well, I'm not reely alone, mom's der and da food and litter aren't dat far away. But still, how many man cats can brag dat da mom cats will walk away and leeve der babies unprotekted while a big mancat are neer dem.

Da last litter dat was here had one little tabby dat, er, tried to nurse on me. I kinda liked it *blush*, until he started using teef! How do da mom's stand dat? It hurted. Well, dis was kinda fun. We'z furry late wif dis and I think effuryone has been tagged. If yoo want to haf sum fun and get dat nawty or weerd stuff off yoor chest den do dis meme.


One-Eyed Jack said...

I'm glad your feeling better Speedy! Stop eating the June Bugs! Now if I could just teach Persephone to stop trying to eat the buzzy bees...

I think this confessions thingy is fun. We all may not be good cats, but as Kelly Cat's people say, we're Good Cats

Anonymous said...

Speedy, glad to hear that you are feeling's a good sign to see you chasin' Sadie!

Sadie, you so funny! We like to stare at each other when we about to have a playfight. Casey doesn't get it, and always get surprised when I suddenly jump her!

Marie the Defender said...

PS. Sorry that was me!

PPS. Donny just ate a spider. I hope it's ok with his tummy!

Derby said...

Girls just wanna have fun. Even if it makes their brofurs crazy.

Parker said...

I am glad you are feeling better. The squirts sux!

Dragonheart said...

Great confessions! :) Speedy, I am very glad that you are feeling better!

Jeter and Mickey said...

now dis iz funnee ... i thought it wuz speedy hoo da kitten yoozed az a surrogate mom!
laffin an laffin.
luv--yer grate frend--jh

Tara said...

You keep him in line Sadie! I'm working on learning how to do that!


Daisy said...

Sadie, that is a funny trick you play on Speedy! Sometimes I wish I had a little brother to play practical jokes on. And Speedy is very good natured.

Forty Paws said...

Well Speedy, we usushally yak up June bugs. We'll haf ta try da squishy poops next tyme.

And Sadie, you luk like Annie wen u do dat. Or Sally, or Jenny. Must be a girl fing.

Luf yur kunfeshuns.

Luf, Us

Pee Sss. Nope. We dunt haf a sine dat sez free cat crunchies heer. Efurry kitty nose dis ist da kool-aid howse sumhow.

The Crew said...

Speedy, I'm so glad you're feeling better. I'm sure it was all the TLC I gave you...well, maybe your Mom helped a little, too.


P.S. Don't eat any more June bugs. They're icky and make you sick!

Cat is my copilot said...

Hi Speedy & Sadie,
I do the same thing to these cats who insist on living here in my house. They bug me. So I sleep in their beds. Makes me feel better.


Rosie & Cheeto said...

Awww, misty is supur nice to take care of yoo and help make yer squerts turn into nonsquerts.

HAHA, we luv hearing abowt the best ways to harrass eachothur. Staring like a hawk...gud one Sadie! But yoo gotta not get cawght cause than yer daddy wont save yoo. Silly Sadie.

Caesar and Princess said...

Sadie, you need to keep your brother in line. Do not give up!

Speedy, you are silly!


Derby said...

Dear Kattonic cats, I hope you are OK and very far away from the house that went BOOM!

Anita said...

I´m glad that you feel better. I don´t know that you was ill.

A lot of sandspaper kisses. You must fell good for the Feline Domination.