Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What is that!

Omigosh, there were three big, ginormus woofies walking on da sidewalk dis morning! I protekted my mom and sisfurs by glaring at them and letting them know that they could not come and get my fambly! It worked, dey walked by and din't effun stop to sniff our tree like some of dem woofies do. After all that I hadda lay down and take a nap.~Speedy

This would be a very nice piksher of me, Sadie, on my Gizzy Kwilt if mom's hair hadent gotten in da way, hehehe. Dad laffed acuz lots of pikshers he takes wif mom's "little, dinky camera" have his finger or thumb in them. This is funny to mom, she sez he needs to learn to hold her camera and now he's teasing her about how she needs to learn to control her hair! Even with the hair::tehe:: I think you can see that my Gizzy Kwilt is furry well loved. Mom's hadda wash it a cuppul times alreddy cuz Speedy got up there with me and he had a little aksident and yaked on MY kwilt! I was staring at Speedy in this piksher acuz he was being silly and rolling on our scratchy pad like he wuz insane, which he is, but I thot it wuz goofy even for him. We'z gonna let mom talk now acuz she's upset and needs to blow off some steam~Sadie
Yesterday I got a FedEx package from my former employer-it was a legal form telling me I owe them $1,150.00 plus interest! What!??! I read it, they have a policy that if they've paid for any education expenses and you leave voluntarily prior to 24 months passing you have to pay it back. Now, they did indeed pay for some classes I took THREE YEARS AGO! Hmm, what classes do they think they paid for in the last 24 months, lets take a look at the records - nope, the last class I took I paid for myself because it didn't really have anything to do with my job and it was $35.oo. I call them, much clicking of keys, shuffling of papers, um, oh here it is we show we sent you a check on January 3rd for classes taken that semester. What, I never got any check, never took any classes and certainly don't owe you $1,150.00 (plus interest). Let's be logical, you don't pay for classes until you have confirmation of grades (your final grade has to be at least a 3.0 which is a B), even if I did take classes the grades would not be finalized in January. I never got any such check! They argue, yes you did, we mailed it out on January 3rd! O.K. prove it, find a copy of the canceled check, go ahead, I'll wait. Call K*****l he can look it up and print a copy for you in about 2 minutes. Yes, I'll hold. Lalalalala dee dee dee dah do....Oh I see, the check still shows as "outstanding". As in not cashed. As in I never received said check and if you printed a check and mailed it, it wasn't to me or for me or for any classes I took. Let me look into it and call you back. Yeah, I'll bet someone screwed up, I bet they printed a check meant for someone else and realized their mistake, making it out to me, and destroyed that check and redid it and never voided it on the system. I still haven't heard back. Hubby is having fits, he says we're going to end up in financial ruin, blah, blah, blah....He's so easy to panic!


Daisy said...

Speedy, you are a very brave mancat to glare at those bad woofies. And Sadie, you look beautiful on the quilt!

I am very mad at those bad former employer beans for trying to pull a fast one on your Mom! They are mean, and very very bad.

DEBRA said...

Speedy You is furry brave to protect yur fambly like dat. What a mancat yu are. Sadie yu always look booteeful and yur quilt is booteefull too.

Man dos are sum bad beans...wow. Gud fing yu gotta smart Momma.


Victor Tabbycat said...

Wow! Speedy, you didn't steal yur Mom's mail, did you?
Nice job wif the woofies. Sadie, yur kwilt looks furry comfy. Bonnie looks at me like that when I's extra silly, too.

Mom gots a letter frum the boy's skule sayin he'd haf to go to summer skule fur Math. That'd be good cuz they'd keep him M-F 8-4 til August. The same day, we gots a fone message that the letters were made an sent frum the wrong list an he's NOT goin to summer skule, so now Mom's stressed bout what to do wif him M-F 8-4 all summer agin. She was pretty banoyed wif the skule cuz the boy needs help in Math but he needs a speshul ed aide an maybe they won't haf one so he can't get helps in math. I need a nap now!

The Furry Kids said...

Speedy - You did great on taking care of those dawgs. Good job!

Sadie - You look so comfy on that quilt. Our Mom gets her hair in the pictures sometimes, too.

Those bad employer beans are just bad, bad, bad. Good job to your Mom for telling them what's what.

Earl Grey

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Wow Speedy, I am very impressed at your bravery. Three woofies! *kitty paws clapping* That is awesome.
Sadie, that is a very nice photo even with the hair. The Gizzy quilt compliments your furs very nicely.

I think all our beans should get to win the lottery so they don't have to deal with icky work any more. Stoopid bad employers. Mommy had a boss that made her cry at least once a week (along with lotsa other co-workers), she finally was able to quit that jobbie. I was glad. Good job telling those icky beans the real deal.

Merlin said...

Speedy, Fortunately, I have my OWN woofies, under my control of course, to protect us from other woofies. It's handy.

Sadie, your kwilt looks wonderful and comfy! That hair looks like a sunbeam, yeah, that's what it is!

Mom says: think how many people would have just struggled to come up with that money and paid it back? ugh.

LHK said...

Speedy, you a the bestest, manly kitty to keep your family safe. I'd prob-lee hide, mine mombean calls me a wuss-puss.
Sadie, aren't the Gizzy quilts just the best? You look so good on yours. Have a nice nap!

Kimo & Sabi said...

Sadie looks furry cute on da Gizzy quilt!

Mommakitty wants to send you something via email, so email us wif yer email!


Forty Paws said...

Speedy, you are SOOOOO brave!!! We dunt know much abowt woofies udder dan dey stink. Yup. Dogs drool, cats rule. We lufs da purty colors of da Gizzy quilt. Sadie's furs contrast furry nicely.

We kaint wait fur da Zippy destroys Garage pichurs. Whoo hoo!

Luf, Us

Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Keeping watch is a very important activity. If it isn't the woofies then it's the other kitties who come into your yard!! They all must be stopped.

And about the work letter... isn't it fun to be completely right about something? Especially when the other party is so self righteous? Ha.

Parker said...

I know that look! We get that when we see strange woofies! You are a very brave cat!

Marie the Defender said...

Speedy - as you know I'm a Defender...just like you! I feel it's my job to protect my family and my home from "dem woofies" also from that orange tabby tom that drives me crazy with his calm taunting!!!

Sadie - I love your Gizzy Quilt!

Your mommy - my mommy says that your former employer is ludricrous!

Dragonheart said...

Speedy, nice job scaring off the woofies! Sadie, your quilt is beautiful and you look lovely on it. :) My mom is shaking her head at your mom's former employer. It sounds like someone there screwed up big time!

jcfloresinc said...

Good guard cat, Speedy. I like quilts too. Samantha won, she hid the toys. Little sneak.
High 5 paw,

So strong and brave you are Speedy. Such a pretty quilt Sadie. It looks well loved. And the winner is Samantha!!! Nana Nana Nana!! Girls rock!!!
Be blessed,

Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes said...

Speedy, you did a grate job purrtecting your fambly!
Sumtimes our pictures have extras in them, too :)

We also want to thank you for your nice words about our Rainbow Angel, Georgia. It's been a hard time for us, and your kind words have helped me so much.
Bobbie and Bunch

DK & The Fluffies said...

You look so quick on your Gizzy Quilt.

Millie said...

Good guard job Speedy!

The quilt looks good even though it got washed. That's nice, isn't it! You look very nice on it.

Your Mom's job sounds like a bunch of incompetents. Good thing she isn't there any more.

Millie said...

Hi Zippy! TAG! I tagged you! Come visit my blog tomorrow to find out more!

Anonymous said...

Speedy, you're very brave! Brainball gets that look about her when she sees dogs in our yard. She's our Alpha Commando Cat in Combat Boots!

The Crew said...

Speedy dear, you're very brave to stand your ground in the window against THREE dogs. My hero!!!


P.S. Your window handles look just like ours.

Cyclone Cats said...

Speedy, that is a very manly mancat pose! Show those woofies who is boss!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Hehe....men panic about financial ruin...hehehe!! Sounds like you dealt with it just fine and its a good thing you confronted them on it! The Lap Lady has to do that a lot too and then she never gets a call back either....very interesting.


The Crew said...

Speedy, I tagged you!!