Thursday, May 31, 2007

Troo Confeshons

I was tagged by the beautiful Ms. Marilyn MonREOW to do the meme she invented and I'm the oldest so I get to go first. You're suppose to tell things you do that the beans don't know or wish you wouldn't do. There are no rules as such so....

I like to suck on the corner of Punkins old baby blanket. It still smells like her and since I was bandoned by my mom way afore I was reddy I find it comforting. Shh, mom would be upset by this as she wants to keep it 'pristine' for her memory of the one who came before.

I don't like haffing a brofur and sisfur and wish dey wood go away. Dis upsets mom because I love the naybor kitties and doggies. But dey don't live in my house and eat my food!

If Speedy comes and looks at me in the kitty litter I can't go so instead I run into the bedroom and poop under the desk. This makes dad furry mad.

I bring in live mouses to try to teach mom how to feed herself. She's gotten pretty good at catching them.

I alreddy told this, but I drove mom's car and everytime she leaves the window open now I go in and try to drive. Maybe someday she will let me take it fur a spin...

That's it, I'm not very nawty anymore. I turn 10 next month so I'm old enuff to know better. Hey, I turn 10 next month! Mom, when's my party? Oh, okay, mom sez she wants to do it on my gotcha day. Dat's July 4th, Rocky da Gutter Cat has his purrthday then and I think also Kimo and Sabi. Oh, I gotsa start planning! As for tagging, well, I got a feeling dat effuryone has been tagged but if yoo hasn't den yoo are now!~Zippy


Dragonheart said...

I am very impressed with your ability to catch mice, Zippy! I've never seen a real, live mouse. I've only seen my toy catnip mice.

Lots of birthdays and Gotcha Days in July! Mine is July 18th. :)

Dragonheart said...

To answer how I know about search terms, I have a sitemeter counter on my blog, and when I click on it, and click on "Referrals" it tells me how people found my blog, including what search engine and search terms they used, if they used a search to find me.

Daisy said...

Zippy, ever since I learned about how you drove a car, you are my hero!

The Meezers said...

Zippy - please teach me how to drive- Miles

Ali & Fiona said...

It is furry nice to teach your momma how to hunt!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

PARTY!!! I wish I could go but the Woman and AM have bachelor & bachelorette parties that day (they are growling about that). Zippy, you're one amazing cat!


The Crew said...

Zippy, I'll be 10 on July 10, so it'll be my golden purrthday. After that I'm planning on going into semi-retirement.

Regarding the litterbox privacy issue, could your Mom put up a screen or something. Our box is in what would be a utility closet, so we have a bit of privacy from prying eyes and no one can sneak up on us.


DEBRA said...


I fink yu needs to teleport ofur and teach Miles Meezer how to drive. I bet he wood make a gud racer!

I guess yu'll be a purrfect 10 on yur purrday??!!



Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

I think it is very responsible of you to teach your Mommy how to fend for herself and catch her own dinner! I applaud you! PARTY!!! Oh, and I agree with the whole idea of being friends with those who don't live in your house and eat your food!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

It is wonderful you teach your mommy to fend for herself. You must be a great hunter to catch mousies for her.
I'm glad you have Punkins blankie. It is important to have something that comforts you.
Can't wait for your party. It'll be awesome I"m sure!

jcfloresinc said...

Great confessions. Tigger likes to try to drive, too, but he likes to do it from the roof. You are very brave to bring live mouses to your Mom. Good thing you matured and are not naughty anymore. Tigger and I will do our confessions tomorrow. Oh, by the way Mom filled up the food container after she took the picture. Have a nice day.
Samantha & Tigger

Ann M & the Kitties said...

I'm so glad you are helping Mom learn to feed herself.

HRH Yao-Lin said...

wow those are some great confessions. I can't believe you actually try to drive a real live car!!! That is very impressive!! Best make sure you don't drink too much tuna juice incase you get done for drink driving! xx

Forty Paws said...

Wow! We dint no u wuz almost 10! Cool! We dunt blame u fur not wantin to go litter boxin wen u ist bein watched. Datz creepy. An we won't tell yur Mom dat u chew the corner of Punkin's ol baby blankie. We keep gud sekrets.

Luf, Us

Cyclone Cats said...

zippy, thank you for telling your confessions. we won't tell nobody!! Don't feel bad bout pooing outside the box...jesse does it here too.

Jeter and Mickey said...

hmmmm .... poopin under da desk iz disturbin. i will coach u az soon az i get mi "life coach" certificate.
u mite need a mantra to calm u down.
luv--yer frend--jh

OreotheCat said...

oh darn it=(
and i luv weddings.
ill just have to wish them my best!
Ive been good lately, mostly layin around on the porch and muchin on temptations..
take care!
Oreo the Cat

Caesar and Princess said...

Zippy this is a very sweet picture of you and you are not that naughty.
We think you have a good reason to poop under the desk.

Karen Jo said...

I enjoyed reading your confessions. It is very good of you to teach your Mom how to hunt. Learning to drive sounds interesting and a bit dangerous. Be careful.

Monica said...

Zippy, you are a very interesting cat. I'm impressed at your hunting skills.

Suzanne said...

zippy, you and ben1 would have been great pals! he loved to drive.

your birthday is the day after my gotcha day. there are going to be lots of parties around here.

maybe we should have a huge barbecue?! mousies and birdies for everyone. (heh)


ps i'm going to add you and your family to my blogroll. come visit again!

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

That June bug sounds allicious! Is there July and August bugs too?