Friday, May 11, 2007

The Seven Random Things Meme...

Here are the rules. Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog! I was tagged by Millie, I'm honored because she is an innernet celebrity. So, I'm gonna tell you seven things about me, Zippy...

1) I once drove mom's car into the garage. It turns out it was a good thing because dad found out we had carpenter ants that way. (mom found the pikshers of him fixing it but hasta scan them in and she can't find the ones of me she took like 5 minits afore I smashed up the garage)

2) I want very much to be an only cat, or for my old frend Punkin to come back and be with me.

3) I really like my "morning stretch" with mommy. She hasta stretch the tendons in my front feet so that they don't shorten and cripple me. When she's done with that she lays down on the bed with me and we snuggle. Oh, don't tell anyone because that would ruin my reputation as not being a snuggle kitty.

4) I have a funny right eye, it has brown pigment on the gold part and it looks like I have something in my eye. The vet man says it's nothing wrong with my eye it's just extra color.
5) I hate going to the vet and get so cranky that mom has to sedate me, even with the "happy pills" I manage to put up a pretty good fight. I have a red mark on my file and a "watch, will bite" note in it. I'm very proud of this.

6) I'm not proud of this, but, I will beg for half and half or cream. I can't help myself, I have to have it. Get it, half and half, have to have....I crack me up.

7) I love my dad (he thinks I'm a daddy's girl) but the truth is I'm very attached to mom. She's the one that fixed my paws and makes sure that they stay fixed. She gives me snuggles just the way I like them and she is the one who would do anything to take care of me. Dad's nice, but he always says he wishes I were cuddlier. Mom loves me even when I'm cranky, she accepts me for who I am. Thank yoo Zippy, now it's my turn. My beyootiful gerlfrend cat, Misty tagged me. So, here's seven thing about me:

1: I am da first man cat mom and dad ever had and mom sez dat she wood take more of me cuz I'm such a lover.

2: This is weerd but, I love baby kitties. I alreddy helped to take care of one litter (Marva's) and now mom has two mom cats and der babies in foster and she can't keep me out of da room. The trooly weerd thing is dat all da mom cats haf let me touch der babies. If yoo know anyfing 'bout momcats yoo know dis is furry unooshual.

3: I tried to mount Zippy when I first got here (I am so embarassed by dis) and wuzent nootered. I think dats why she hates me. I've tried to apolojize but she won't lissen. I effun tried to asplane dat I wuz yung and stoopid and over run wif hormones, but she won't hear of it. I hope someday she will furgive me and we can be frends.

4: Dis one is pretty embarassing too, I haf a big butt. And when I lay on my side I haf a belly too! I haf been on a diet, dis, fur a man cat, is furry embarassing. I hope Misty duzent think any less of me fur dis.

5: I was akshooally, literalee, born in a barn! So when mom sez "were yoo born in a barn" to dad I think she's talking to me.

6: I love to wrap my paws around moms nek, stick my face under her chin and sleep.

7: When I sleep like dis on mom, I drool and I stop laffing. Mom, reely, it's not dat funny!

Misty sed Speedy and his sisfurs so I'm gonna do this too. Then we are going to tag 7 kitties, cuz 21 is way to many fur our branes to think of. Okay, here is da 7 things about me, Sadie:

1- I've had two litters of kitties, yup I was an unwed teenage mother.
2- I think I was borned in da same place dat I hadded my kittens. An enclosed trailer behind a house next door to mom's frend Ali who reskood me.
3- I started a klub at Frends of Skeezix on Catster called da Spicy Vixens Klub (for gerls) just so I cood keep Rocky distracted wif other gerls so I cood flirt. Hah, I reely din't need to cuz Rocky is kinda a 'dawg' if yoo know what I meen.
4- I'm a big flirt, I like to flirt wif all kinds of males. Mancats, bean men, woofie guys...It's fun and harmless. Don't get jellus ladies, It's just fur fun, I wood neffur over step da bounds on a "taken" mancat.
5- I look so much like Rocky da Gutter cat dat dad has trubbul telling us apart. I thot I wuz lookin in a mirror da first time I saw him, dat wuz da start of da attrakshun.
6- I'm afraid of bananas, dey reely kreep me out. When I see one I run away, don't know why, dey just scare me.
7- I am a prankster, I love to play jokes on my beans and espeshully on Speedy. My favorite is waiting until Speedy drags his kwilt unner da end table and falls asleep on it. Den I go ahind da couch and whap his tail and run away. He gets so freeked out! It's hilareeus...

Now we are gonna tag...

Misty's brothers George and Max

Rocky the Gutter cat (snicker)

Buddah Pest (Max's little brother)

Oreo (not the cookie)

Bebe (over at Pumpkins world)


Fat EddyZippy's boyfrend cat


Kimo & Sabi said...

Wowy - we learned lots of stuff about you all!

Rocky McGutterCat said...

Zippy, I love yer number 5: yoo go, gerl! I've got one of thoze on my file too, and I always try to get more blud outta them than they git outta me.

One qweschun: ware do yoo git thoze "happy pills"? I do beeleeve I wood like sum of thoze!

PS - thanx for taggin' me. I'll do mine this weekend!

Phoebe said...

Oh, you guys did a great job telling stuff about yourselves. I am thinking of what I am going to say in mine.

Dragonheart said...

Terrific lists! I enjoyed learning more about all of you. :) Zippy, I am very impressed that you drove your mom's car - wow! Speedy, I snore too. Sadie, that is very cool that you like playing pranks. :)

Tara said...

Lots of cool facts about all three of you. I learned alot more about you all!

DEBRA said...

This was a furry gud list. We learned a lot about all of yu. Fanks fur sharing dis wif us all.


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Yeah! You all are so different and wonderful. Speedy sounds like such a special sweetheart and I bet he would snuggle with me (Chase doesn't).


The Crew said...

Speedy, I know you're manly, so don't worry about anything!


PS Zippy, just how did you get behind the wheel?

Daisy said...

This meme has been so much fun! What interesting things about all of you. Zippy, how did you drive the car into the garage? I wish I could learn how to drive, too.

Speedy, I think the mommiecat allows you to touch the babies because they know you are very gentle and trustworthy with the babies!

Pixie wanted me to tell Sadie that bananers are your friends. Do not be afraid. Just eat 'em all up!

Buzzerbee & meep said...

Those are all very interestin' factoids you kitties have shared - thanks! Mom laffed out-loud at Sadie's #6 - she said you have a "bana-phobia"! She thinks that Speedy is very sweet to take care of kittens. And Zippy we find it hard to believe that such a cute little thing has those red marks on your file - we believe you, it's just hard to imagine!

LHK said...

Wow! You all are an intersting family. I think 'Unka' Speedy shows the true mancat spirit. Its good that the kittens have such a good father figure in their lives.

DaisyMae Maus said...

That was very educational! I like the vet sticker/notation. I don't have a notation 'cuz ... gosh, I don't know why. Why, Mom? Why?


Anonymous said...

This is just great! I loved reading about all of you -- you are three fabulous cats.

Derby said...

Sadie's a flirt, no wonder you were an unwed teenage mom.

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

The three of you are so precious! Of course you know this, how could you not?! Zippy, I gotta tell you that your picture is so cute, you look like you're talking! Don't worry Sadie and Speedy, you're cute, too!

Have a great weekend!!!

Rascal said...

Oh, this is great fun. What a lot of interesting facts you three have. Thanks for tagging me so that I could join in too.