Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A meme fur Me Me...

Chairman Mao of da Ballicus tagged me fur a meme so I am doing it now.

Time of Day? Any time mom is willing to sit and hold me. I love to be the only kitty on her lap, er, shoulder.

Day of the week? It used to be Sunday, mom was home and alaxed and ready to take care of our needs. She's not going off to a job anymore so...

Season of the year? Oh, dats a hard one, dey all haf something good about them fur a kitty. Um, Fall. Yeah, flying leeves, open windows with sunshine...yup, it's grate.

Holiday? Oh, dis one's easy - Krissmouse! Lets celebrate Jesus birfday! Take da kitties to church (okay, so I hadda go in my PTU but I was still there) and all da grate food and a tree in da howse fur me to trash and more food and da whole fambly here to spoil and pet me....what mom, oh, I's apposed ta tell yoo dat our pastor, Pastor Ken, does this whole bless the aminals thing the Wednesday afore Christmas day for da one's dat were in da barn wif Mary and Joseph and helped dem wif da baby Jesus. Cuz dats da way he rolls ::snicker:: I just lerned dat term frum our cuzin E.

Beaches? Well, ders one behind us and a cuppul over across da street and one two doors over...oh, sand and water not dogs, I don't know anything about those. The woofies is nice tho.

Song? Hmm, I reely like dat Baytoven guy. I'm split atween Fur Elees and dat Moonlite one. Yoo shood try dis, if yoor beans gots big speekers yoo shood make dem play dese and lay on top of da speeker, it's furry alaxing.

Flower? Pink roses, dey are delishus.

Talk Show? Um, I only watch cartoons.

Movee? Well, I just saw one about two dogs and a kyoote kitty dat get lost and hafta find der way home but I don't remember da title. I liked it. Oh, dad sez it's The Journey Home, dat makes sense.

Soaps? As long as dey don't use dem on me I gess da stuff mom and dad use is okay. Mostly I like mom's coconut oil bath soap, it smells yummy.

Beverage? Water, I know I haf no imaginashun. Toona joose is good but for everyday drinking it's good ole H2O fur me.

Fruit? Pleese don't laff, I love cantalope. It's sorta sweet and reely refreshing!

Snack? Don't mind if I do, thanks. Oh, what kind....Temp-tay-shuns, followed by Pounce and den chick-hen.

Food? I have a sensitive tummy, so I eat Purina Sensitive and Indoor formula. I also get some pumpkin puree when I get yucky feeling.

Restaurant? They won't let me in! So I gess dat I'd hafta say Balistreri's cuz when mom and dad go there they bring leftovers home and they is furry tasty.

So, now I gots ta tag me some other kitties. Hmm, lets see....
My girl and her big brothers and sisfur
George and Max and Tipper and da beyootiful Misty E ::sigh::
Kimo and Sabi

On another note, mom has lost her mind again. First it was spring cleaning in da howse now it's spring cleaning in da yard. We've diskussed it among ourselves and have decided dat SHE IS CRAZY. How do yoo clean something dats mostly dirt? We say it effuryday - beans is weerd!

Furry sad news, my heet boks died this afternoon. I was just trying to move it to the sunspot on the kitchen floor and tipped it into da water fountain. Den I coodent get it out and it got soaked. Mom will haf to get me a new one the next time they go shopping...~Sadie


Daisy said...

I like to watch cartoons too!

Dragonheart said...

Wonderful list of favourites! :) I've never tried cantalope. You went to Church on Christmas? Very cool! :)

Tara said...

Yes, beans are pretty weird. Mom had a guy over this morning and they walked around the house, saying weird things like "paint" and "primer". I had to keep changing windows to follow them!

Congratulations, you got 100% on the PoP Kwiz!


Chairman Mao said...

Whatta great list of fav'rites! We Ballicai love music, too, and Marilyn lays on the speaker a lot. hehehe at "Krissmouse!"

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

We like your Meme about MeMe...Hehe.
Missy has three places she likes to lay, the front window, my yarn stash, and the place in front of the window that she is shown in on todays blog, it is above a heater/air conditioner vent.

The Meezers said...

cantelopes is good food! - Sammy

Tara (not the cat) said...

Hi - I loved your response to your favorite "beaches." It was very clever. I think it is also very neat that you get to go to church for Christmas - after the holiday is supposed to be about family, and that should include all the members of the family, not just the one's that walk on 2 legs.

Tara (not the cat)

Karen Jo said...

I also like it that you get to go to church for Christmas. I don't think I've heard of a kitty who liked cantaloupe before. I like your response to "beaches" also. In fact, I liked all your answers. I am sorry that your heat box died. I am afraid that they don't like water at all.

Monty Q. Kat said...

Is spring cleaning that bad? MomBean's MomBean is comin' down in two weeks to help her do it. Maybe I should hide my stuff before it starts.

Marie the Defender said...

I love temptations!

That's neat you like cantaloupe. I dunno what's that....

Happy Wednesday!