Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What we gots fur Krissmouse (and why der are no pikshers)

We gots a lot of stuff fur Krissmouse, so much stuff dat daddy sez we'z spoyled. Mom took pikshers but since we wuz all moving so fast all she gotz wuz blurs. Sandy Clawz must haf thot we were furry good cuz we gotz:
1) a bag of fev-ver butt mousies with like a squillion of 'em
2) a big cardbord scatchy thingy wif nip on it (Sadie luvs dis thing)
3) a cuppal of fev-ver wand toyz
5) Momma maded us sum more "catnip ravioli"* we'll hafta get sum pikshers of doze as soon as we find 'em again
6) new blankies for our beds frum our aunti L and cuzin S
7) Carpet skwares fur rubbing our pawz on (daddy gets deze fur us)
and we haded ham fur Krissmouse and our boy bean cuzin gaved us each sum, he wuz goned to school fur a long time and we missed him. And not jus cuz he givez us bean food eefur. We had fun and gots lots of scritches and pets frum our relatifs too. Today momma is home wif us and we are gonna do lots of naps and playing wif her and she sez she izent doin anyfing and not going anywerez so we getz her to ourselfz all day! Reporting fur Zippy and Sadie (who are two furry lazy gerls today)~Speedy

*catnip ravioli directions-take two square pieces of felt (two different, bright, colors work really well) place little piles of nip on one about 2" apart. Place second piece of felt on top and stitch between each pile, up and down in double rows, like a tic-tac-toe design. Using a pinking shears, cut between each section. Viola, catnip ravioli!


Daisy said...

Wow, you got lotsa good stuff! and tem-tay-shuns. What a great Christmas. Thanks for reportin' Speedy!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

grate hawl! an fanks fur the recipee fur catnip ravioli too - we's gonna make our Lady make sum.