Monday, December 18, 2006

*Snicker* We're gonna gets Zippy a boyfrendcat

Dis is our sisfur Zippy. Fat Eddy sed he'z lookin fur a gerlfrendcat and we think Zippy wood be purrfekt fur him. Her peteetness wood look good next to his bodashus bod. She's a quiet gerl, 'sept win she wants ta play. She likes lazer dot games, and haz been knowin to catch reel live mousies. Her bestest frend in da hole werld was a 19 pound Norwegian Forest cat name Punkin. She has been lonlee an sad since old Punkin died almost 5 yers ago. She needs a boyfrend cat reel bad. So, here is our sisfur fur yoor considerashun Eddy. We hopes yoo likes her and will be her boyfrend cat.

She'z furry byootiful and likes big kitties effun tho she is a tiny 6 1/2 pounds herself.

Hi, I saw what the brats were doing and ...I cood use a boyfrend, I looked at Eddy's blog and he is pritty hansum. So, here's the list of the 5 worst things I did (so far) when the peeps weren't looking:

1. I stole all the hamm offa daddies sammich (I jus did dat last Sunday)
2. I ate a red sponj ball, an it camed out the other end almost whole (I bited it in half an swallood)
3. I liked the whipped cream off the jello last 4th of july and then had to do hershey sirup in the litter box (kinda gross) if it's too much info let me know, but yoo did ask.
4. Mom didn't know bout dis one, she will now. I'm da one dat barfed on da sofa da dey after it wuz delivered. She'z beleefed it wuz Sadie, but Sadie neffur barfs.
5. I made moms metal monster crash into da garaj, yup, I did. Maybe I'll post da pikshers of daddy fixin it!

Dats just sum of da stuff I've done. I also do nice stuff sumtimes. But mostly I'm naughty when they aint lookin.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet delicate little girl Zippy is! She definitely looks like she'd like a big kind fella to curl up next to! -Scooby, Shaggy & Scout

Rosie & Cheeto said...

CHEETO: Wow, if I didn't have Mrs. B I'd be vary vary inturestud!! But I have Mrs. B and she's beeeutiful...but so is zippy....but so is Mrs. B

ROSIE: Stop it, yoo have Mrs. B. End of discushin.

CHEETO: Yeah, I have the beeeutiful Mrs. B. But hey, zippy...let me see if I have any other male frends who mite be up yer alley.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

you sound purrfect fur Eddy (he's way cute too). we hope you two kin hook up!

Eric and Flynn said...

Ooh yes anuvver kitty rowmanss wud be gud. Fat Eddy's furry nise an we are shoor he wud treet yoo like a lady.

Justin said...

Hey, really Zippy is soo cute!!sitting like a princess.
And hey, just see my pets watching TV!. If Momma cud know wat they do when she is in office..LOL!!

Fat Eddy said...

Hello Zippy. Your brothers wrote me a note saying you might be interested in making my acquaintence. However I think they were acting badly. I called my man Santa and he mentioned something about his naughty list.
and their names being close to the top this year. But I'm really glad you decided to give me a chance because I read your list and you seem like just the kind of girlcat for me. You obviously to have a keen sense of humour and as for beauty...woah I got no words for that... You made my eyes sparkel. I'd be proud to be seen with you on my arm at any New Year's Eve Party. But before we make any plans, I guess I need to tell you my bad stuff in case you change your mind. Come visit me at my site and see the list... I'm posting it this morning.