Friday, September 16, 2016

It's been a very, very long time since we've posted anything, but, we just wanted to let everyone know that Zippy, our leader and the old lady of the house, has gone to the Bridge. It was discovered that she had cancer, lots of little tumors all over her insides and she was filling up with fluid which made it hard or her to breath. Mommy had them drain the fluid and give her a steroid shot so we could spend a few hours saying good-bye and then she stopped her pain. Good bye beautiful girl...
Zippy - 1996 to 2016
20 years was not long enough.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Thank you for all the help

She got in touch with the shelter she adopted Diamond from and they said since they were responsibe for her spay in the first place they would either re-do it themselves for free. They are going to do an ultra sound to see if she was just missed during the spay process (they're high volume) or if there is something left in there that got missed. So, it's all good. I know about the problems with Ayla and thought "that's really odd" and it is, but, I guess it happens especially in high volume situations. Maybe she was prepped and then closed before the spay actually happened. Who knows, we just like that the shelter took responsibility for their error and is willing to do this for her. We are trying to get mom on a schedule that includes blogging again. She spends waaaaay to much time on Facebook, and while that may be good for her, it's not good for us. Oh sure, she feeds us and does our litter boxes and brushies before she gets on there but, really, we is being ignored.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sorry we've been gone so long...

Mom got this message on Facebook (which she is still to lazy to sign us up for) and was wondering if anyone has any ideas. The kitty is in West Bend Wisconsin (we think). Any clue? Would having a vet go in and remove what's left of her ovaries help with the clingyness and being mean to da other kitty?

Hi Donna! Long time no talk. I need your help. Here's the story. I have two cats. My one cat Diamond, I can't take care of her anymore but I got her from the humane society and I don't want to send her back there. She's a special cat with special needs and I want to find a home that will work for her.

So, when I got her from the humane society they said she was spade. When I took her to the vet they confirmed that, but then she went into heat. I took her back to the vet and they said that wherever she got spade, they may not have gotten everything out, so she could still go into heat. They said that this could cause some health issues for her. I can't afford to have this taken care of.
Also, she's a very "needy" cat. She is extremely affectionate, which is cute as can be, but it's excessive for a cat. I grew up with cats, and I've never seen a cat like this. When I got her from the humane society they said that the people who dropped her off said they couln't take care of her anymore and that she had grown up with dogs. I don't know if she never got the attention she needed as a kitten, that's kinda what it seems like to me. I give her as much attention as I can, but it's not enough. Also, the more time I spend with her the meaner she is to my other cat. All pets have their own personalities, and I'm wondering if she would be better off as an only pet. I can't take care of these issues. Do you know anyone who can? I want to make sure she lives with someone who will take the time with her that she needs. She LOVES to be talked to. I just speak very quiet and gentle and she will cling onto me and eventually fall asleep. When she sleeps she goes into very deep sleep and occassionally will wake up startled for no reason. It's like she's had a bad dream. She loves to investigate. She's my little Sherlock Holmes. Very curious, but be careful. I've found her behind the refrigerator, behind the washer...etc. And she's not afraid of anything. She's totally fearless. Except for dogs. Please let me know if you know anyone that will take special care of her.
Sorry for writing you a novel. I'm just worried about her and honestly don't want to give her up. I just don't know how to take care of her. :(

And just for fun, here is a picture of all of us bugging mom while she tries to work.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mostly mancat Monday

Mom got a new laptop awhile back, da new one has a built in kamera, da old one did not. Da kamera haf a light in top of da screen. Dis light is furry intristing...dis is a self portrate of me, Speedy. I did not know dis would happen, I was mostly intristed in figgering out dis light and den da puter mad a funny clicky noise and mom laffed and showed me dis 

I am handsome, no? And look at those manly whisker humps! It's okay to say so ladies, just remember, my heart and all my mancat self belong to Misty and only her. And now some sad news. My older, but smaller, sisfur Zippy has kidney troubles. Da vet called mom on Friday to tell her da kidney values were not great, not horrible, but not great. Den he called on Saturday and dey talked on da phone fur a long time. We heard da work "transplant", but dey both agreed dat since Zippy did not do well wif Anna Steezsha da last time she had her teeth cleaned (almost three years ago) dat it wasn't da choice mommy wanted to make. Mom sed that a few more good years wif her was better den her going to da Bridge right away a'cuz of her not getting along wif dis Anna person. Zippy is fine fur now, she's getting new food and mom sez if she hasta she will make her a water bowl dat drips like da bathtub fawset a'cuz Zippy gets most of her water from der.  Zippy did a self portrate too, look at her cute face.

Mom and da vet agree dat she can haf many great years ahead wif proper treatment. And lots of you already helped mom on Facebook, which mom is to lazy to sign us up for, wif links and sugjestchuns. Mom says she's ready to do battle wif da evil kidney disease and help Zippy stay wif us fur lots more years. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My social secretary apparently forgot to tell me...

That's all four of us lounging around mom's "work space" yesterday in the sunshine. M'Gee on mom's chair, Sadie just turning around to warm the other side, me in the window and Speedy doing what he usually does, sleeping next to mom's laptop. This afternoon mom got out the PTU (prisoner transport unit, or, cat carrier to some of you) while I was napping on her chair. She just picked me up and shoved me in it! Just like that, no "hey Zippy, you have a doctors appointment" or "we need to go see the doctor", pretty rude if you ask me. Anyway, they poked, prodded, jabbed and generally tortured me the way the usually do. Pronounced me perfectly healthy and sent me on my way.
Not da whole truth, Zippy, you hasta tell da truth!
*sigh* Alright, Speedy, but I'm still purrty healthy for my age...
I have grade 2 (that's out of 6)  senile cataracts. I have arthritis in my front joints now as well as the back end so they told mom to up my dose of glucosamine (I take the same stuff as my mom, she just uses 1/4 of her capsule) I pee'd on the table when they were holding me down to get blood and Dr B said it was a little to dilute so mom should make sure I drink more water, even if it's tuna juice watered down. I screamed like a maniac when they were doing the blood draw, mom's purrty sure I scared everyone in the waiting room. The best part was when they weighed me and they all started doing the happy dance. You may recall in years past that they always told mom that I needed to gain some weight, heck, I was a svelte 6 pound 2 oz the last visit and have always had to work to get over 6 pounds. Well today I weighed in at (drum roll please) 7 pounds 4 ounces! Dr G even came out when mom was paying the bill and told me I did a good job gaining some weight. Dr G has been my regular go to guy since I first came to live here, he's the guy that saved my paws. Oh yeah, in the spirit of truth telling, I also pooped on the technician who thought I was just so adorable she had to pick me up, that'll teach her to call me "tiny baby" and "cutie pie". I tried to do it prodigiously (that means a lot) like Max does but only a little bit came out. Guess I should have waited to use the litter box until after the check-up.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Now look what she did!

Mom left and when she came home she unloaded some dried up stuff, indian corn, straw and pumpkins. Then she grabbed the twine and a scissors and went back outside...this was the results. Ignore the crappy lawn and the random bricks laying around, mom says next year we might actually have grass instead of weeds because she put some stuff on there that's suppose to kill weeds and she bought some grass seed. What did we tell you, our mommy is nuts!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Now it's my turn...

Hi, it's me, Sadie! Zippy said we'd tell you about mom going nuts so here it is...first she did this
That's a new roof, a bunch of men came and climbed all over our house and garage. Zippy and I ran from room to room staring at the ceiling trying to figure out what all that noise was about. The 'mancats' hid...heehee. Then she did this

That's something called a patio, there were three guys that dug out our grass and made a hole that they then filled with gravel and then they put pretty rocks on top and then they put sand all over it. We all watched them do this, even the chicken mancats. Then, she went to some furniture place and got this stuff
sometimes her and Zippy sit on the swing together...we don't, we don't go out there, outside is not a fun place. And then she did this, well, she didn't some other men came and did this. Oh, and she made friends with the one guy who was the boss because he does art and stuff and they talked a lot about art and bored us to naps...
They made our house go from dark brown with beigey yellow trim to cream colored with blueish gray trim! When they were done our house looked brand new. Also, our human cousin moved in with us. She's fun and she's in love with Speedy. And that leads me to another thing that these human women have done...they tore up the carpet in the bedroom and found a really nice hardwood floor underneath. Then they pulled up a little bit of the carpet in the living room and started jumping around and dancing because the floor in there is the same way. Mom says they are going to rip up all the carpeting...we think she's mental. 
This part was fun because we learned lots of new words for the bad word list...about 14 years ago daddy put outlets and new switches in the bathroom and this is what it looked like ever since
And this is what it looks like now...

 Mom did that by herself, hence the bad words. 
We gots a new washing machine too...the stuff goes in from the top now instead of the front and it's so deep that mom hasta stand on her tippy toes to reach into it. We think it's purrty funny to watch her try to get the clothes out of the bottom of the washer. Mom says she has lots of projects planned including building us a new cat tree! Okay, that's it for me. *what? No I'm not going to talk about that stoopid mancat, Speedy. If you want to tell about him fine.* Here's Speedy to tell you about stoopid...I really, really don't like him, M'Gee...
Hello effury cat, I have a brother now, we sort of get along except that he's way, way to affekshunate. I mean WITH EFFURYONE! He even tried to kiss the mail carrier! This causes problems with Zippy and Sadie, they don't apreeshiate him trying to kiss them alla the time. I usually either just get up and leave when he starts trying to kiss me or I bop him, or hiss, this one surprised mom because she'd never heard me hiss afore. I suppose it's good that he's affekshunate wif all the humans, but, I don't really like sharing mom so much. I mean, when she does my brushies and washes my, um, that area, you know, my spot #13, he butts in and wants to rub on me and mom at the same time. It's okay tho, I wanted a know what they say "be careful what you wish for". Maybe we'll teach him how to blog, then he can turn all his affekshuns on you guys and give us some rest.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

We've been away too long...

Hi, It's me, Zippy. It's been six months since our daddy went to the Bridge and in that time there have been a lot of changes. First, we had to get used to the idea that he wasn't here any more, I still forget sometimes and go in his room and then howl for mommy because it's, well, so different in there. I'm getting better about it tho, and mom's caught me sleeping in the "different" bed. So, anyway, the first change was that we gots a new brother. Yup, that kitty we thought was a girl and were calling Miss Gray turned out to be a Mister Gray and after spending all that time not going into the traps he just walked in the house one night, um, June st I believe it was. Here's a picture of his back and tail, they were all covered in sticky burrs
And here's his face...this is in our bathroom, were he spent the night before going to the vet the very next morning.
Here he is recently, he's handsome but kinda a brat. He lost the tips of his ears to frost bite because he was to dumb to come in the house before it gots freezy cold here.
He spends way to much time loving on mom, in my opinion, and he likes to chase Sadie, which is funny. Oh, and mom calls him M'Gee, or Sweet Pea M'Gee which makes me gag. Mom also went nuts right after he came here to live, I think he gave her a brain infekchun or something. We'll tell you about the crazy stuff she's done tomorrow. Oh, Speedy says that since this is a Mancat Monday I have to show you a picture of the two mancats that live here. Well, here they are...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Beautiful Life Remembered

One year ago we lost the sweetest friend we'z effur hadded. She was kind, careing, giving, loving and best of all a true friend. Today she is frolicking at da Bridge wif her beloved Mickey and watching over all of us. In honor of her life pour yourself a cuppa and have a nip cookie, light a candle and sit awhile.

We know she'd like that...