Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Purrayers fur Lilly Lu...and a little fun with Speedy

We've gone pink in support of Lilly Lu....We're purraying and purring furry hard fur her to get better.

We finally got mom to smile. And all we had to do was lock Speedy in the foster cat room. When dad first built it there was what he called a "passage set" which is just a doornob for opening and closing the door. Then we had a foster cat who could open the door so he put a lock set on the door but with the lock on the outside so mom could lock the door and the cat couldn't open it. Well, last night Speedy was in there looking around and Sadie shut the door on him and hit the lock (it's one of those push button ones). He started crying like a little baby wussy boy when he reelized he wuz locked in, it made us laff. Mom couldn't find him for like a squillion hours (o.k., it was 20 minits) and was frantic. Den dad sed "it sounds like it's coming from downstairs" and mom got that look on her face like she does when she realizes something. Yeah, she let him out and put a "bumper" in place so we can't shut the door all the way. Rats, it was so much fun watching mom go nuts looking for him and listening to him whine like a wussy little panty waste baby.~Zippy


Tara said...

Purrin' hard for Lilly Lu too.

Poor Speedy! But it was pretty funny, too bad you can't pull it off again!

Dragonheart said...

Poor Speedy! I'm sure it was funny for you, but not for him!

Sending lots of healing purrs out to Lilly Lu and keeping her in my prayers.

Daisy said...

Speedy is a silly boy!

I am purring and purring for Lilly Lu too.

DEBRA said...

We are all purring for Lilly Lu...oh Speedy leave it to you to lift us all up!


Forty Paws said...

We're purring for Lilly Lu too!

Poor Speedy. Reno cries like that when he gets locked in the garage. But we've never thought to call him a wussy little panty waste baby. Thanks for the idea.

Luf, Us

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Aw, poor speedy, they're laughing with you, not at you. Oh, you're not laughing. I cry when I get stuck in the bathroom door that won't stay open. OK, now I'm embarassed.
Way to Go Pink for Lilly!

The Crew said...

Oh Speedy, I'm sorry I didn't hear you meowing out. I would have come over to save you!


Parker said...

Awwww, Speedy! Was you scairt? We are prayin' hard for LL.

Monica said...

Poor Speedy. I'm glad that your mom got him out. But I bet it was very funny.

We went pink for Lilly Lu as well.

Tiger Lily said...

Thank you all for your purrayers for my Grandpa. He's home now and didn't need open heart surgery!

We'll purray for Lilly Lu and her family.

One of us said...

Well, we hopes Speedy isn't traumatized to much. We do thing like that to each ofer. ~poiland Tribe

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

I'f I had a brother, I'd do the same thing cause I don't like to share my beans!


Sorry Mom, I didn't mean that. (yes I did)


Sorry. (not)

Purrs Lilly Lu

Karen Jo said...

I went pink for Lilly Lu, too. That is a funny story, but poor Speedy isn't laughing. I don't blame him for crying. It is very scary to get locked in somewhere.

Rascal said...

Pink purrs for Lilly Lu!

Boy said...

Poor Speedy!
It must have felt wike that day when I was wocked in Mummy's wardwobe!
Speedy was wucky! He gotted out in 20 minits!
Mummy shut the door on me and went out the entire day!!