Saturday, April 28, 2007

Keep Our Pets Safe Cybermarch

A prayer and thought for all those who have been sickened and killed by the greed of the pet food manufacturers and importers. A hiss for all those who could have, should have, done something before all this happened. A moment of rest for all those moms and dads fretting over what to feed their fur babies. We march in memory of our friend Max, a nice woofie, who died to soon, at the young age of two years, because of tainted food.
Today there is a postcard blitz for all those who were directly affected by poisoned food. I think there should be a postcard blitz for those who know someone who was affected and those who have to find other food options for their fur babies. It's stressful, we don't know what or who we can trust for our pets nutrition. Premium brands, brands that we thought we could trust, have been affected due to the greed of the manufacturer. They had specific formulas, which did not include grains or glutens, and were duped by the manufacturer who used cheaper ingredients and still charged these companies for the formulated ingredients.


DEBRA said...

We agree with you HISSES to all of those who stood by and did and said nothing while innocent victims suffered and died. It is such a shame that many of these manufacturers are not being forthright with information.

BUT especially big HISSES towards the Chinese government who may have done this deliberatly -- for reasons not easily known.

The only good I can see coming from this is that it will open the doors wide open on reform. But, it is so sad it took a tradegy of this magnitude to get the attention of the government.

And finally HISSES to the mainstream media for continuing to put forth the information that only a dozen or so animals have died from this terrible deliberate act.

Thank goodness pet owners have risen up and let their voices be heard.

OK MOM you can get off your soap box!!


jcfloresinc said...

So sad. Hiss to all the people that caused this. My mom is feeding us EVO, but she thought she saw something about that too, but she can't find it now. Thank you for your comment about all the extra people in the house. Tigger loves it, but I don't. Have a wonderful Saturday.
Samantha, Tigger and Fam

jeter harris said...

i'm wid u ...
luv--yer frend--jh

Tara said...

I so agree...we unite in our anger and grief.

Artsy Catsy said...

We wholeheartedly agree! How about we blogging cats organize a "Postcards From Endangered Pets Day"? We could have it on May 3, which is National Hug Your Cat Day!

On that day, ALL KITTIES & WOOFIES could send postcards to their mom's & dad's government authorities telling them about our lost friends and those who got sick and how worried we are about our food, and maybe how much our humans spent on testing, vet bills etc.

If they get bombarded again right away with postcards, maybe they'll think about creating better safeguards for pet food -- and human food, too.


Forty Paws said...

Very well said.

Luf, Us

Chairman Mao said...

Yes! A great post, and we Ballicai and our beans agree whole-heartedly. Our beans have been tearin' their hairs out over this awful foodie mess, and our hearts ache over all the wonderful kitties and woofies who have gotten sick or who are no longer with us.

We wanted to let you know we Ballicai have given you a Thinking Blogger Award, because you guys are so thoughtful and insightful and you have such a great bloggie. Come by our bloggie for details.

Purrs and kittyhugs from MaoMao!

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

We all agree and Momma is so confused and worried about what to feed us now; she says she can't trust anybody anymore and it is a sad state of affairs.


Dragonheart said...

Excellent post! It is hard to know who to trust. My mom is looking at Orijen for when we move back to Canada.

Very cool that your mom got to pet a Sphynx! Very rarely do they end up needing to be rescued - usually when a family with an allergic person gets a Sphynx thinking they will be hypoallergenic, without exposure to Sphynx first, to find out if they can tolerate Sphynx. My dad can fortunately tolerate Sphynx, but he and my mom visited a breeder ahead of time, to make sure he would be okay with a Sphynx. My mom would love to rescue kitties, but with my dad's allergies, they can only have Sphynx, which is why I'm waiting for my breeder to have another litter so I can get a brother or sister.

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

I'm a Cyber Marching kitty, too!I agree with eveything said! Power to the animal world. Wake up mankind and pay attention! WE NEED TO BE HEARD!!!