Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I didn't do it!

Mom has been seerching and seerching for the kamera cabul thingy fur her kamera wifout much luck. She keeps saying dat daddy musta put it someware and furgot what he did wif it or Speedy thot it was a toy or sumfing. She wants to put up da Bizzy for Gizzy Kwilt pikshers (I look reely nice wif my kwilt) but she can't get them off the kamera wifout that thing. I hope she can find it, she's gonna be gone most of the day tomorro eating brekkyfast wif da nefew and lunch at da sisfur-in-laws den shopping. We haf a new baby coming soon, our bean sisfur is due in 2 days so dad sed dat mom shood get sum stuff for da new one and she didn't argew::giggle::she loves to buy baby stuff. Den when dad gets home dey are going sumware called a body shop to pick up grampa's car dat he left fur dad. It was pretty banged up when mom brot it back, she din't do it tho grampa's eyesite musta been bad cuz he scraped da sides up pretty good on doze parking poles in da lot at da assisted living center. Mom sed he prolly shoodent haf been driving at all and she's surprized dat he din't haf aksidents on da road. Oh, and we gots ham on Easter! It wuz furry good, I like ham. Mom and dad went to da brofurs howse fur dinner and dey sented da ham home just fur us! We din't go cuz dey haf a big woofie dat licks kitties all over and mom sed dat we prolly woodent like it. Dats all, I just din't want Speedy and Sadie to keep hogging da bloggie.~Zippy


William said...

Tell your mom she can pick up a card reader for probably under $25--that's what we had to do when our cable went cuckoo. Or, if she has a newer pc with XP, she might be able to take the card our of the camera and put it in the pc. That's actually what we do now.

Ham! You're lucky!

Phoebe said...

Hi, Zippy! I hope your mom finds that cable soon. I would like to see your pictures. I'm glad you got some ham for Easter.

Dragonheart said...

Wow, lots going on! I hope your mom finds the camera cable, or, like William said, you can buy a card reader. My mom's laptop has a card reader built in, so she never has to worry about the camera cable.

Ham sounds yummy! Glad to hear you ate some on Easter!

I hope all goes well for your bean sister!

Tara said...

Those camera cables make pretty good toys, you might want to fuss up so we get to see pictures again!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Oh man, yoo gotta find that and show us the pickturs quick!

Yoo are going to get a new bean in a cupple days?!?!? Ask yer lady if yoo can have the new bean to take care of...we hear thay are supur cute when thay are young.

The werld wuld be a bettur place if the beans just let the cats drive fur them.

HAM.....yummy HAM! We're on owr way ovur!

Pumpkin said...

Yup, yup Momma yoozes a card reeder too. She sed it'z lotz faster than the cable fingy. If yoor compooter duzn't haff wun bilt in, yu can get a portabul wun to connek to the USB port on the compooter.

Oooo a new baby bean! Speedy better not try to take it upstairs like he did wiff the baby kitty!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

I agree, a card reader is so much easier than the cable and very cheap!

It is sad when beans keep driving when they shouldn't. A bean we know fell asleep as he backed out of his driveway and ran over a utility box. He was 1 minute from his house!