Sunday, January 14, 2007

We accept da chalenj

Victor Tabbycat and Bonnie Underfoot's mom chalenjed Bubbles of da 2B's and me to post pikshers to compare our hansum faces. I call Bubbles my online twin, but really, we only have da pretty noze patch and liddul gotee in common (I fink). In ixchanj fur our pikshers she is gonna send $10 each to Brandi's mom and Oreo's mom. Brandi's mom is lookin fur a jobbie and hers unemploymint runs out dis week (dat's furry skaree). If eneone in da twin cities lokashun reeds dis and kin gifs her a jobbie pleeze do so, she's a nice ladee and has a kitty to support! Oreo's mommy hafs da doktor bills and iz also looking fur anoffer place to live. She be haffin a hard time wif her husband and stuff and reely cood uze sum finanshul help. So, if eneone in Furginia can help wif a nice, cheep place fur herz and herz kidz and Oreo to lif...I know she wood aprshiate it. Wifout further ado (mom sez dat, meens nuffing to me) heer is my hansum face



Ohmygosh you are handsome!!
I love your blue pupils. You are a beautiful kitty. Caesar is black and white and we call him the Holstein Kitty.

In Northern Va... it is not too easy to find a cheap place to live though... There are many many jobs here. She should check Washington Post news paper online... bet they have the employment section online too. and lots of apartments and such.

I will pray for her.
Prayer works.

Cecilia & The 2Bs said...

Wow, Speedster you have grown! Nice nose patch and goatee!

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Yea! You an Bubbles haf met the challenge! Fanks fur participating. I haf updated my post to show your pictures side by side. We will be sending the money to Brandi and Oreo's moms very soon. Fanks again!

Faz the Cat said...

Hey Speedy, I saw Bubbles pictures too and I think you two must be soul mates. Well done for looking so cool. FAZ