Saturday, January 6, 2007


Speedy: Mom?
Mom: Yes Speedy?
Are you going away? Today? I know yoo seded yoo had a wedding to go to and dat yoo haf stuff to do fur da wedding and dat yoo wood be gone all day, but mom, I'm meeting Misty today and I want to tell yoo all about it when I get back and if your not here I can't do dat and daddy won't lissen to me and Zippy will just tell me to shut up and get out of "her" room and dat will make me sad ::deep breath:: so can't you stay here and den I can tell yoo about meeting Mattingly and Derby and George, Max, Tipper and the beyootiful Misty so I need yoo here when I get home!

Oh sweety, your dad knows all about today! He'll be waiting for you here when you get home so you can tell him all about it. I have a feeling you'll be a little tired when you get home anyway. And I'll be home later, so you can tell me all about it then. O.K.?

I guess, but will yoo gif me a good snuggle before yoo leave? Oh, and yoor hair looks nice.

Wow, your sisters really have been teaching you to be a good little man. I love you, have a good time today and remember to say please and thank you. And try not to get too excited, you know what happens when you get too excited.

Yup, Sadie calls me bulldozer butt and whaps me on the head!


Gemini said...

Oh Speedy, have a furry good day meeting all those friends!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

have a great time - we wanna hear all about it too!

Daisy said...

Speedy, you can tell us all about how your day went, we can't wait to hear!

Lux said...

How exciting, Speedy! Don't keep us waiting in suspense any longer than you have to!